Adult Dentistry in Eugene OR

Dentistry for Adults

Hygiene Visits Help You to Have Good Health

We advise all our patients to have their teeth cleaned by our hygienist on a regular basis. Keeping your teeth clean can also mean having better overall health. The build-up of plaque that hardens into tartar can develop into gum disease. Medical statistics have shown that infected gums can create or worsen serious health concerns like diabetes or heart disease. Please follow up on our recommendations to keep your overall well-being and gums in a healthy state.

Specific Needs of Our SeniorsDental Care for Seniors Eugene OR

We pay special attention to requirements of every age group, and we especially watch for certain dental problems in seniors. Often fillings that were placed years ago become loose and need to be replaced before decay sets in. It can also mean root decay has started, and root canal therapy may be necessary.

Gum disease is common in senior patients, and this problem should be addressed at the first signs of infection. Certain medications may reduce the flow of saliva, and we can remedy this problem with basic products. Returning your smile to a brilliant one is very easy with today's whitening treatments to remove the stains and discoloration from years of consuming caffeine, tobacco, and certain foods.

It is important to maintain good nutrition for healthy teeth and to continue proper daily dental brushing and flossing. If you ever experience bleeding from gums while caring for your teeth, please call us so we can take care of the problem before it becomes advanced.

Technology That Makes Cleanings Easy

With the Cavitron™ Ultrasonic Scaler, we can now remove build-up of plaque and tartar from your teeth and gumline with little or no discomfort. This high-tech scaling instrument uses high-frequency vibrations to easily take off these harmful deposits. This helps to keep gum disease from developing or worsening, and you will be very pleased both with how clean your teeth feel and how much less scraping you need!

No Waiting for X-raysDigital Dental Xrays Eugene OR

Digital X-rays are the only type we use. For the patient, this means less time in the dental chair, as there is no waiting for the image to develop. It is available immediately for viewing on our computer screen. There is also a 75% reduction of radiation from this technology. Images are captured by simply placing a digital sensor in your mouth. The other good news is that there are no chemicals used in the process that could harm the environment.

Intra-Oral Camera Lets You See For YourselfIntra Oral Dental Camera Eugene OR

Dr. Butler works together with his patients to form a bond of teamwork. By using the miniature intra-oral camera, you can see the interior of your mouth on video. With this close-up imaging, you can take an active role in making decisions about your treatment. Patients appreciate seeing for themselves what the problem is and feel confident about the treatment that follows.

Fillings – Two Options to Choose From

We offer two choices for filling materials. The silver-mercury amalgam filling has been the standard filling material for many years. It provides an effective and affordable material that is covered by dental insurance plans. We also provide composite resin fillings that do not have any metal and can add strength to the remaining tooth structure. They are made to match the shade of your tooth, and patients like them as they make for a more attractive smile. We will discuss which option best suits your needs before any treatment begins.

If it's time for your next cleaning, or if you're ready to schedule a no-cost/no-obligation consultation, call us now at (541) 485-6645.

As we all grapple with the rapidly changing events surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic, we at Butler Family Dental have been faced with some difficult decisions.

Our desire to keep our amazing team at work and to help our awesome patients maintain their oral health is now outweighed by the potential consequences of exposing anyone unnecessarily to this incredibly contagious virus.

With that in mind, we will be closed, effective immediately, except for emergencies until at least March 31.

This afternoon (3/16/2020,) we received further guidance from the American Dental Association that recommended we see emergency patients only for the next 3 weeks.

We hope to do our part in flattening the curve and prevent our healthcare facilities and those who work so hard to take care of the sick from becoming overwhelmed.

If you have questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to call and leave a message at (541) 485-6645 or email us at We will be in touch soon. Stay healthy.

Chris Butler
Butler Family Dental